Philosophy of education with Tripada Gurukulam is to build character and bring up the societal status of the community. The residential concept of school works on the methodology to bring lifelong learners with the mix of academics, physical education and other co-curricular activities


The school aims to produce successful, creative, efficient and respectful adolescents that are thinking individuals capable of wholesome self-expression and articulate as well as result-oriented communication.


  1. Create true global citizens that are well versed with the values, civics and moral as well cultural values of its own country as well as the world and are not biased to any caste, color or religion

  2. Provide the society with the individuals that are ethical with the sense of honesty, caring and willing to be of service to others

  3. Make every human healthy in mind, soul & body, with clear comprehension of multiple intelligences, gradually leading to the sublime intellect and spiritual awakening, the PRANGYA