Mathematics is an expression of the human mind which reflects the active will, the contemplative reason and the desire of an aesthetic perfection. Its basic elements are logic, analysis, construction, intuition, generality and individuality.

In order enhance mathematical knowledge of Students Tripada Gurukulam is celebrating month of July as Math's club. On 11th July ‘ 2019 , Thursday during activities period various activities were organized in school for different classes. For students of grade 1 and 2 they have to recite tables 1 to 10 with explanation. Students from grade 3 to 5 were shown video based on explanation of using technique for easy calculation of math's. For students of grade 6 to 10 worksheet was kept which can enrich the academics.

The sole purpose for Math's club is to inculcate math's knowledge with an understanding. Also to make Math's as a concept rather than understanding it as difficult subject. This initiative is take by Tripada Gurukulam and are hoping to fulfill its objectives. We are very fortunate that our students are participating very enthusiastically and are always ready to learn innovative things which encourage us to plan new activities for them.