Tripada Gurukulam Campus was designed by renowned Architect Team of Place kinesis (Mr.Bhaskar Narula) and its feature a state-of-the-art learning resource library, equipped with the latest technology and multimedia facilities. The aim of having a learning resource at our campus is to provide our students with a robust collection of information along with an environment that promotes learning.

The campus of Tripada Gurukulam is well-equipped with digital tools to extend education par excellence. The school is facilitated with IT, intercoms, computer laboratory, CCTV, WIFI zone, printing zone and matrix system etc.

Auditorium/ Assembly Hall: This room is a venue for all presentations, workshops and various other training programs. The smart board and projector equipped A.V room helps the students to get visuals related to their topics and various other activities.

Library: The library in the school with vast collection of books, magazines, dailies, journals, encyclopedias, references for food for thought. The students utilize this period to inculcate reading habits blended with moments for relaxation.

Activity Room: The activity room is space to decode the students’ creativity at its best. The students do the work joyfully, relaxed bringing forth their innate qualities in its best form.

Play Ground/ Skating Rink/ Basket Ball Ground: School has a huge play ground to improve students interest in the playing activity instead of technological mobile games. Students are enjoying with Skating, Lone Tennis, Badminton, Football, Cricket etc. on a regular basis in the school only.

Swimming Pool: School has given a facility to learn swimming at the initial age of 9 to 10 years. In this area we are the only one to providing such a best facility in the school only.

Safety & Security: The campus is well-equipped with fire extinguishers on each floor, tight security arrangements with CCTV camera on all the floors and within the classroom ensure safety of the students. First Aid and medical assistance is also provided for immediate causalities. Sufficient man-power is at work daily to ensure road safety.

Transportation: The school offers better transportation with GPS system for exact location of the bus while it is on the routes. A well maintained bus traverses the city ferrying students from their homes to school and vice-versa. Every bus is equipped with support staff and monitoring of each route

Medical Assistance: Immediate medical aid is given to the students during casualties. Regular medical check-up is conducted; workshops on health and safety measures are also organized for the wellness of both students and staff. Eye check up and blood donation camp is also organized.