Today on 13th June’2019 (Thursday) in Tripada Gurukulam the English Club activity was done. We in TGC not only focus on the main academic part of the child but we also focus on developing various required skills related to that subject also for the kid in our school.

Keeping this in mind today the “Listening Skills” Enhancing activity was done for all the students of our school. To develop this “Listening Skill” – Audio- Video representations were shown to the kids.

Students from Grade 1 to 10 all in together had participated in these Activities. Videos which were shown to students had not only helped the kids to develop their listening skills but simultaneously moral values were also inculcated to our kids during this session. This session included the theme of- Child Motivation, Developing Good habits in kids, helping each other, Never telling “No” to any task and creating awareness among the Students.

Students Participated enthusiastically in this activity session by giving good response & by answering the various questions which were asked to them. The session was an interactive session which children enjoyed & cherished a lot. The session was concluded with a funny video to entertain our students & to bring a smile on their faces.